• Dorchester Public School
    School Mission Review
    ·      Student Results
    o   Communicate Effectively
    o   Problem-Solving Skills
    o   Apply Technology
    ·      Parent Results
    o   Problem-Solving Skills
    o   Reading Comprehension
    o   Communicate Effectively
    ·      Staff Results
    o   Fundamental Skills (reading, math, writing)
    o   Problem-Solving Skills
    o   Communicate Effectively
    School Board of Education
    Florida Center of Reading Research
    Center of Teaching and Learning
    Partnership for 21st Century Skills 
    National Council of Competitiveness
    ·      State/National
    ·      ACT Content Standards
    The Mission of Dorchester Public School is to prepare students to read with comprehension, write clearly, compute mathematically, and utilize information and technology to solve problems.
    Our vision is to create an educational system that provides all students opportunity to practice and to receive feedback in all academic areas to foster life-long learning for future success.
    Goal Areas:
    Reading Comprehension
    ·      Phonics
    ·      Phonemic Awareness
    ·      Vocabulary
    ·      Fluency
    ·      Creating Mental Images
    ·      Using Background Knowledge
    ·      Asking Questions
    ·      Making Inferences/Predictions
    ·      Main Idea/Supporting Detail
    ·      Thinking with Text
    ·      "Fix-Up" Strategies
    ·      Text Format
    ·      Literary Elements
    ·      Ideas
    ·      Organization
    ·      Voice
    ·      Sentence Fluency
    ·      Word Choice
    ·      Conventions
    ·      Prewriting
    ·      Revising
    ·      Editing
    Math Computation
    ·      Number Sense
    ·      Estimation
    ·      Operations
    ·      Measurement
    ·      Algebraic Concepts
    ·      Geometric Concepts
    ·      Data Analysis
    ·      Probability
    Utilize Information/Technology
    ·      Acquire
    ·      Summarize
    ·      Organize
    ·      Compare/Contrast
    ·      Critique
    ·      Create
    ·      Communicate
    ·      Collaborate
    Problem Solving
    ·      Process
    o   Problem Definition
    o   Problem Analysis
    o   Logic and Reasoning
    o   Possible Solutions
    o   Analyze Solutions
    ·      Strategies
    o   Hypothesis Testing (Guess and Check)
    o   Root Cause Analysis
    o   Analogous Thinking
    o   Brainstorming
    o   Pattern Analysis
    o   Working Backwards